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Funeral Flowers

Choosing flowers to celebrate a person's life can be emotional and daunting but it can also be very therapeutic. 

All enquires are treated with sensitivity and care and clear guidance is given on the different choices possible.

Below are examples of funeral flowers.  All are made using seasonal flowers and foliage where possible and designed in a natural, garden style. If you have flowers that have special meaning to you that you'd like to be incorporated or if you'd like me to include some flowers from your garden I'm very happy to discuss this.

Spring Wreath with hellebores
Autumnal casket spray

Wreath from £60 

A wreath can sit on top of a coffin or go along side.

Spray Casket £60 per foot

This can be single or double ended and is designed to be placed on top of the coffin.

Sheaf from £65

This is a flat backed hand tied bouquet designed to be placed on top of the coffin or along side.

Small Urn of Spring Flowers

Small urn of flowers from £50

Church Flowers

Large urn of flowers from £130

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